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Stab 2 Round 1 - VS Rika
The blaring horn of the ship woke Rylee from his slumber. However, he didn’t grumble and attempt to return to sleep like he normally would. Instead, he quickly jumped out of bed and got dressed, unable to contain his excitement. Today was different. Today, he would arrive at Holon, the location of his very first tournament.
He looked out of the porthole window in his room. There was a small speck of land in the distance, surrounded by the vast ocean and cloudless sky. The sight of the island filled Rylee with even more enthusiasm, and he raced to get all of his belongings together. There was still time before the ship would reach Holon, but he simply couldn’t wait any longer.
Right as he was about to leave the room and head up to the deck, he heard a loud thumping noise coming from the window. Rylee turned around to see a Pelipper attempting to fly into the porthole, despite it being closed. At first, he just stared in c
:iconelectric-banana:Electric-Banana 1 0
STAB 2 Audition - Rylee's Getaway
It was a quiet morning in Hearthome City. At least, it was quiet, until a certain breeder decided to wake up her son.
"Rylee! Ryyleee! Ryyyyleeee~!" Alice Beaumont skipped through the house, calling her child's name. Her naturally loud voice was amplified even more than usual when the Chatots outside started imitating her. Soon, it was a chaotic cacophony of 'Rylee's. This chorus of cries was more effective than any alarm, not only waking up her son, but everyone in the neighborhood.
"Wake up, sleepyhead!" Alice shouted cheerfully as she kicked open the door. The boy was still in bed, covering his head with a pillow, trying to drown out the Chatots screeching his name. Seeing this, she ripped the pillow out of his hands and dragged him out of bed, still smiling the whole time. Rylee groaned. His mother was too intense to deal with at this time of day.
While this was happening, Charles was peacefully making pancakes in the kitchen. He was used to all of the ruckus. It was simply
:iconelectric-banana:Electric-Banana 2 0
RR SS: Bright Christmas by Electric-Banana RR SS: Bright Christmas :iconelectric-banana:Electric-Banana 6 4 STAB 2 Team Reference by Electric-Banana STAB 2 Team Reference :iconelectric-banana:Electric-Banana 3 0 STAB 2: Rylee Beaumont Reference by Electric-Banana STAB 2: Rylee Beaumont Reference :iconelectric-banana:Electric-Banana 3 0 SS Round 2: Can't I Even Dream? by Electric-Banana SS Round 2: Can't I Even Dream? :iconelectric-banana:Electric-Banana 2 9 Monk of Space by Electric-Banana Monk of Space :iconelectric-banana:Electric-Banana 0 0 New ID by Electric-Banana New ID :iconelectric-banana:Electric-Banana 0 0 BECOME MEGUKA by Electric-Banana BECOME MEGUKA :iconelectric-banana:Electric-Banana 0 6

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United States
I like stuff. I travel a lot. Also, I'm lazy, in case you haven't figured that out already.

If you want me to draw something for you, I will do it, but it might not be very good. Just saying.

I also have a tumblr where I occasionally post art that might not get posted here:
The deadline for :icontournament-cosmos: is tonight, but I've been sick ever since Saturday and unable to work on my last page! Will I be able to finish in time, or will it be left unfinished? Hopefully the former...

Thankfully, the way my comic is set up, the first two pages can stand alone as the entry, the third page is the follow up. I'd rather finish it though because it's a funny page.
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